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Getting the Best from a Deal with a Used Car Salesman

Buying a car from a used car place is widely known to be tricky all the way. There are many subtleties that have to be observed, and you can never simply trust your instincts - you have to do enough research and be perfectly aware of the current state of the market in order to really get a good deal from this. Thankfully though, modern used car salesmen are much more easy-going for the most part, because they can profit more without trying to rip off their customers.

Still, it doesn't hurt to do some brief research before walking into a dealership, and know exactly which places in your local area are worth working with. If you've got access to the Internet, then you have all you need to figure out which used car dealerships are the best ones around you - just look up their reviews and similar information online, and it should be pretty clear where you can go safely and which places you should avoid.

In addition, do your research on the actual car that you plan on buying. This is of course very important, and you should be as familiar as possible with the current market state with regards to its price, both used and new.

When you're at the dealership, you'll need good bargaining skills to get the best deal that they can offer you. You can typically secure a good deal in several different ways, but the most useful one is to look for flaws. Grab onto anything that you can notice about the car that you can use as leverage to lower the price and keep pointing it out, even if you don't care about that feature at all!

Conversely, avoid mentioning anything that you actually enjoy about that particular car, because this trick works both ways and the dealer would not shut up about that single feature until you've left their dealership. It's an intricate dance where the better your moves are, the better prices you'll get - so make sure you train yourself properly before buying the car of your dreams from a dealership.

All in all, it can be very easy to get a fantastic deal from a used car dealership - but it takes a bit of research before that if you really want to get something that will be worth your money both in the short term as well as for the future.

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How to Judge the Condition of a Used Car

The current financial climate has lead to many people who would usually purchase a new car going down the route of purchasing the used variety. And while doing so can certainly save a lot of money, it is not something that should be done without a little bit of know how. The easiest way to lose money by purchasing a used car as opposed to saving it is to fail to adequately judge the condition of the car that you are purchasing. I will now outline the four key things to do when attempting to judge a used car’s condition.

Do Your Research

While adequately researching a used car is a bit of a hassle, it is incredibly important if you want to ensure that what you are purchasing is in fact worth the purchase. While purchasing a new car requires you to solely research the cars make and model, when purchasing the used variety, you need to research the specific history of the individual car in question. You need to determine how well it has been maintained, whether it has been in any serious crashes and/or whether any major repairs have ever been required.

Get a Mechanic to Check out the Car

If you do not know that much about cars, it is essential that you get a mechanic to do a once over of any used car that you are considering purchasing. Many times, small problems will not be uncovered even with a careful inspection on your part and a subsequent test drive. While it will cost you money to get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle, said charge is nothing compared to how much you are risking if you don’t do so.

Always Take a Test Drive!

A test drive is not only important to determine what a car feels like to drive and how well it handles in different conditions, but also to judge it's condition. Many problems can only be spotted when the car is being driven and you should make sure that you check each and every gear while listening for tell tale sounds such as clanking and ringing.

Don't Forget the Minor Details

Even if you test drive a car and get it looked over by a mechanic, small details can still be missed. Common problems that are missed by those purchasing used cars include the headlights, the air conditioning and the sound system. While all of these things are minor compared to the engine, they can still cost a lot to fix.


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